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A part of the extended file system 2 disk editor.

Include file for the ext2 disk editor.

This file contains declarations which are needed by all the files in ext2ed.

First written on: April 9 1995

Copyright (C) 1995 Gadi Oxman




 User definable options


#ifndef ETC_DIR
#define ETC_DIR   "/etc"            /* Where to find the config file */

#define DEBUG                                   /* Activate self-sanity checks */

#include <ext2fs/ext2_fs.h>                     /* Main kernel ext2 include file */
#include <sys/stat.h>

#include <ncurses.h>

#define MAX_FIELDS            400

#define MAX_COMMAND_LINE      81
#define MAX_COMMANDS_NUM      30                /* Maximum number of commands of one type */
#define REMEMBER_COUNT        30                /* Object memory size */

      The user screen consists of four parts:

            1.    Title window (title_win).
            2.    Show (status) window (show_win).
            3.    Main show pad (show_pad).
            4.    Command window (command_win).


   The show pad is mapped to the space left between the other three windows.

   If you wondered why ext2ed grabs so memory, the answer is probably below - I wanted to treat
   the virtual display as infinite. Decrease the following for more realistic memory consumption.


#define SHOW_PAD_LINES 3000
#define SHOW_PAD_COLS (COLS > 140 ? COLS : 140)

#define COMMAND_WIN_LINES 6                     /* Change this to your preferences */
#define SHOW_WIN_LINES 3

#define HEX 1
#define TEXT 2

#ifndef EXT2_PRE_02B_MAGIC
      #define EXT2_PRE_02B_MAGIC    0xEF51

typedef void (*PF) (char *);                    /* Used to point to the dispatched functions */

struct struct_commands {                        /* Holds commands of an object */
      int last_command;
      char *names [MAX_COMMANDS_NUM];
      char *descriptions [MAX_COMMANDS_NUM];
      PF callback [MAX_COMMANDS_NUM];

struct struct_descriptor {                      /* Describes an object */
      unsigned long length;
      unsigned char name [60];
      unsigned short fields_num;
      unsigned char field_names [MAX_FIELDS][80];
      unsigned char field_types [MAX_FIELDS];
      unsigned short field_lengths [MAX_FIELDS];
      unsigned short field_positions [MAX_FIELDS];
      struct struct_commands type_commands;
      struct struct_descriptor *prev,*next;

#define FIELD_TYPE_INT    1
#define FIELD_TYPE_UINT   2
#define FIELD_TYPE_CHAR   3

struct struct_type_data {                       /* The object's data is usually here */
      long offset_in_block;

      union union_type_data {                   /* Format it in various ways */
            char buffer [EXT2_MAX_BLOCK_SIZE];
            struct ext2_acl_header t_ext2_acl_header;
            struct ext2_acl_entry t_ext2_acl_entry;
            struct ext2_group_desc t_ext2_group_desc;
            struct ext2_inode t_ext2_inode;
            struct ext2_super_block t_ext2_super_block;
            struct ext2_dir_entry t_ext2_dir_entry;
      } u;

struct struct_file_system_info {                /* Important information about the filesystem */
      unsigned long long file_system_size;
      unsigned long super_block_offset;
      unsigned long first_group_desc_offset;
      unsigned long groups_count;
      unsigned long inodes_per_block;
      unsigned long blocks_per_group;                 /* The name is misleading; beware */
      unsigned long no_blocks_in_group;
      unsigned short block_size;
      struct ext2_super_block super_block;

struct struct_file_info {                       /* Used to handle files and directories */

      struct ext2_inode *inode_ptr;
      long inode_offset;
      long global_block_num,global_block_offset;
      long block_num,blocks_count;
      long file_offset,file_length;
      long level;
      unsigned char buffer [EXT2_MAX_BLOCK_SIZE];
      long offset_in_block;

      int display;
      /* The following is used if the file is a directory */
      long dir_entry_num,dir_entries_count;
      long dir_entry_offset;

struct struct_super_info {                      /* Used to handle the superblock */
      unsigned long copy_num;

struct struct_group_info {                      /* Used to handle the group descriptors */
      unsigned long copy_num;
      unsigned long group_num;

struct struct_block_bitmap_info {               /* Used in blockbitmap_com.c */
      unsigned long entry_num;
      unsigned long group_num;

struct struct_inode_bitmap_info {               /* Used in inodebitmap_com.c */
      unsigned long entry_num;
      unsigned long group_num;

struct struct_remember_lifo {                   /* Implements the objects circular memory */
      long entries_count;

      long offset [REMEMBER_COUNT];
      struct struct_descriptor *type [REMEMBER_COUNT];
      char name [REMEMBER_COUNT][80];

struct struct_pad_info {                        /* Used to zoom into the pad window */
      int display_lines,display_cols;
      int line,col;
      int max_line,max_col;
      int disable_output;

/* Global variables (defined mostly in main.c) */

/* Configurable variables (Through configuration file) */

extern char AlternateDescriptors [200];
extern char Ext2Descriptors [200];
extern char LogFile [200];
extern int LogChanges;
extern int AllowChanges;
extern int AllowMountedRead;
extern int ForceExt2;
extern int DefaultBlockSize;
extern unsigned long DefaultTotalBlocks;
extern unsigned long DefaultBlocksInGroup;
extern int ForceDefault;

extern char device_name [80];
extern char last_command_line [80];
extern FILE *device_handle;
extern long device_offset;
extern int  mounted;

extern short block_size;
extern struct struct_commands general_commands;
extern struct struct_commands ext2_commands;
extern struct struct_descriptor *first_type;
extern struct struct_descriptor *last_type;
extern struct struct_descriptor *current_type;
extern struct struct_type_data type_data;
extern struct struct_file_system_info file_system_info;
extern struct struct_file_info file_info,first_file_info;
extern struct struct_group_info group_info;
extern struct struct_super_info super_info;
extern struct struct_block_bitmap_info block_bitmap_info;
extern struct struct_inode_bitmap_info inode_bitmap_info;
extern struct struct_remember_lifo remember_lifo;
extern struct struct_pad_info show_pad_info;
extern int write_access;

extern int redraw_request;
extern char lines_s [80];
extern char cols_s [80];

/* init.c */

extern int init (void);
extern void prepare_to_close (void);
extern int set_struct_descriptors (char *file_name);
extern void free_struct_descriptors (void);
extern struct struct_descriptor *add_new_descriptor (char *name);
extern void add_new_variable (struct struct_descriptor *descriptor,char *v_type,char *v_name);
extern void fill_type_commands (struct struct_descriptor *ptr);
extern void add_user_command (struct struct_commands *ptr,char *name,char *description,PF callback);
extern void free_user_commands (struct struct_commands *ptr);
extern int set_file_system_info (void);
extern int process_configuration_file (void);
extern void add_general_commands (void);
extern void add_ext2_general_commands (void);
extern void check_mounted (char *name);

int get_next_option (FILE *fp,char *option,char *value);
void init_readline (void);
void init_signals (void);
void signal_SIGWINCH_handler (int sig_num);
void signal_SIGTERM_handler (int sig_num);
void signal_SIGSEGV_handler (int sig_num);

/* general_com.c */

/* General commands which are aviable always */

extern void help (char *command_line);
extern void set (char *command_line);
extern void set_device (char *command_line);
extern void set_offset (char *command_line);
extern void set_type (char *command_line);
extern void show (char *command_line);
extern void pgup (char *command_line);
extern void pgdn (char *command_line);
extern void redraw (char *command_line);
extern void remember (char *command_line);
extern void recall (char *command_line);
extern void cd (char *command_line);
extern void enable_write (char *command_line);
extern void disable_write (char *command_line);
extern void write_data (char *command_line);
extern void next (char *command_line);
extern void prev (char *command_line);

void hex_set (char *command_line);
void detailed_help (char *text);

/* ext2_com.c */

/* Extended2 filesystem genereal commands - Aviable only when editing an
   ext2 filesystem */

extern void type_ext2___super (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2___group (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2___cd (char *command_line);

/* main.c */

extern int version_major,version_minor;
extern char revision_date [80];
extern char email_address [80];

#ifdef DEBUG
extern void internal_error (char *description,char *source_name,char *function_name);

void parser (void);
extern int dispatch (char *command_line);
char *parse_word (char *source,char *dest);
char *complete_command (char *text,int state);
char *dupstr (char *src);

/* disk.c */

extern int load_type_data (void);
extern int write_type_data (void);
extern int low_read (unsigned char *buffer,unsigned long length,unsigned long offset);
extern int low_write (unsigned char *buffer,unsigned long length,unsigned long offset);
extern int log_changes (unsigned char *buffer,unsigned long length,unsigned long offset);

/* file_com.c */

extern int init_file_info (void);
extern void type_file___show (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___inode (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___display (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___prev (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___next (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___offset (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___prevblock (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___nextblock (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___block (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___remember (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___set (char *command_line);
extern void type_file___writedata (char *command_line);

extern long file_block_to_global_block (long file_block,struct struct_file_info *file_info_ptr);
extern long return_indirect (long table_block,long block_num);
extern long return_dindirect (long table_block,long block_num);
extern long return_tindirect (long table_block,long block_num);

void file_show_hex (void);
void file_show_text (void);
void show_status (void);

/* inode_com.c */

extern void type_ext2_inode___next (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode___prev (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode___show (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode___group (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode___entry (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode___file (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode___dir (char *command_line);

extern long inode_offset_to_group_num (long inode_offset);
extern long int inode_offset_to_inode_num (long inode_offset);
extern long int inode_num_to_inode_offset (long inode_num);

/* dir_com.c */

extern int init_dir_info (struct struct_file_info *info);
extern void type_dir___show (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___inode (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___pgdn (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___pgup (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___prev (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___next (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___followinode (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___remember (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___cd (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___entry (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___writedata (char *command_line);
extern void type_dir___set (char *command_line);

#define HEX 1
#define TEXT 2

#define ABORT           0
#define CONTINUE  1
#define FOUND           2

struct struct_file_info search_dir_entries (int (*action) (struct struct_file_info *info),int *status);
int action_count (struct struct_file_info *info);
void show_dir_status (void);
long count_dir_entries (void);
int action_name (struct struct_file_info *info);
int action_entry_num (struct struct_file_info *info);
int action_show (struct struct_file_info *info);

/* super_com.c */

extern void type_ext2_super_block___show (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_super_block___gocopy (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_super_block___setactivecopy (char *command_line);

/* group_com.c */

extern void type_ext2_group_desc___next (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_group_desc___prev (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_group_desc___entry (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_group_desc___show (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_group_desc___inode (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_group_desc___gocopy (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_group_desc___blockbitmap (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_group_desc___inodebitmap (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_group_desc___setactivecopy (char *command_line);

/* blockbitmap_com.c */

extern void type_ext2_block_bitmap___show (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_block_bitmap___entry (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_block_bitmap___next (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_block_bitmap___prev (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_block_bitmap___allocate (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_block_bitmap___deallocate (char *command_line);
void allocate_block (long entry_num);
void deallocate_block (long entry_num);

/* inodebitmap_bom.c */

extern void type_ext2_inode_bitmap___show (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode_bitmap___entry (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode_bitmap___next (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode_bitmap___prev (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode_bitmap___allocate (char *command_line);
extern void type_ext2_inode_bitmap___deallocate (char *command_line);
void allocate_inode (long entry_num);
void deallocate_inode (long entry_num);

/* win.c */

extern WINDOW *title_win,*show_win,*command_win,*show_pad;

extern void init_windows (void);
extern void refresh_title_win (void);
extern void refresh_show_win (void);
extern void refresh_show_pad (void);
extern void refresh_command_win (void);
extern void show_info (void);
extern void redraw_all (void);
extern void close_windows (void);

#endif /* EXT2ED_EDITOR_H */

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